Ineke Hans Studio

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Craft in dialogue
2005, Nationalmuseet Stockholm

Designing objects of use is probably the basis of Ineke Hans having a kind of love hate relationship with museums. On one hand she loves the idea the you can take knowledge of design, and preserve it.
At the other hand objects that are suppost to be used can not be touched in a museum, so the experience tends to be incomplete.

When asked to design a small exhibition in the Nationalmuseet in Stockholm Ineke decided to focus on this visual side a museum offers by bringing together her work with (classic) swedish equivalents or soulbrothers in one display.
Time and type of object were not so much the connecting aspects of the exhibits but associative connections were made and that is why a small space turned into a feast of recognition or fantasy for the eye.
Differences and resemblances in dutch and swedish design were shown alongside high-tech and low-tech, old and new. The swedish items were found on the spot in the museumdepots when Ineke worked in the museum a few days.

commission: National Museet Stockholm Sweden