Ineke Hans Studio

check rug redcheck rug red halfcheck rug red with aline stoolcheck red closecheck red details and backcheck rug redcheck rug red with coatstand and chaircheck rug bluecheck blue halfcheck blue and happy horsecheck blue closecheck blue closercheck blue details and backcheck rug bluecheck rug greencheck green halfcheck green and fogo benchcheck green closecheck green details and back

CHECK, rug
2016, for Nodus

Intrigued how complex weaving can be when having a close look at it CHECK was designed. At first glimpse a carpet as a scottish tartan but in tonal colours, so it appears as one blend and can survive easier in a space than with too many variegated colours. Next to it the lines of the grid intertwine as in the complex woven carpets and start dangling before your eyes when you attempt to follow a thread from beginning to end or try to get a grip on the pattern.

Check is the first design to go into the new Nodus 'in stock' collection.
‚ÄčIt has four colour variations.

production: Nodus
distribution: Nodus