Ineke Hans Studio

Cheap Chictreelights close-uptreelights + master chair silver shadow+shiny tableBig Baskets whitebig white baskets window viewmagic chair + forest for treesblack gold + decorationhybryde table + fracture chair

Cheap Chic,
2006, exhibition at Tools Galerie

A light-hearted designexhibition by Ineke Hans at ToolsGalerie Paris.
Her work on show at ToolsGalerie – a small livingroom collection – started of from a ‘time-out’ period in which she allowed herself to play.

Playing along, combining along.... No demands on durability, or producability, no rules no pre-conditions, but a longing for peace, down-to-earthness, vernacular and a secret craving for pretentiousless.
Playing along.... while connected to her own nature, backgrounds and preferences for bold, simple and no non-sense.
Playing intuitive.... a plea for intuition.
While not wanting to question anything at, all the products presented at Tools arrised many questions on:

A schizofrenic mix of non-familiar materials, or a pleasant home-coming to non-pretentiousness?

exhibition for: Tools Galerie Paris