Ineke Hans Studio

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2014, Magis (metoo)

Caravan is a playfull room devider for children with press-wood sides depicting images of circus figures and distorting mirrors white-boards and playfull magnets inside.
Icons and pictograms for fun and for guiding – an old time favorite of Ineke – played a role.

Designing for Magis means a.o: designing innovative, intelligent and industrial products.
The metoo products for children can also make you smile. The Caravan family contains two laughing mirrors, a normal mirror, a whiteboard, playfull magnets and can literal make you smile.
The Caravan mirrors can stand alone, but also make a train and as such act as a moveable roomdevider for schools, at home or a nursery. For children its an element to play with, to discover about mirrors and laugh when you see yourself fat or tall.

Caravan is covered by an embossed circus-theme pattern that fits to the world of distorting mirrors. The decoration almost behaves like a tatoo, it is also reflected by the mirrors and triggers your imagination. The whiteboard also holds circus-figure magnets. These are big and easy to handle by children and supernice to play with too. Say for yourself... did you never dream of having a funny big bear on a bike?

production: MAGIS
distribution: MAGIS