Ineke Hans Studio

Ally, for Leuchte der Moderne (Glashütte Gernheim)
2019, glass

Ally lights are a group of 3 lights in 3 sizes: S, M, L.
The group of 3 are allies in shape, but also allied to 'Deckenleuchte M type 4' designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1926/27 that was produced in 3 similare sizes for a short time from 1930.

For the project 'Lamps of the Modern' Ineke Hans reinterpreted the Wagenfeld ceiling lights for our current time. Where Wagenfeld’s design came about at a time where the primairy function of light – bringing brightness – was mainly celebrated, we often have more lights in our home today and also the various moods light can give is important to us. 

By using coloured glass and by adding coloured mirrors that we are able to produce nowadays the Ally lights relate to past and present.

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