Ineke Hans Studio

Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Eat Your Heart Out
Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Tête à Tête set
Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Laser Chair
Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Instant Desk for Opendesk

December 2020

Geel als citroen, rood als tomaat is - extended - still on show in Museum Valkhof till 31 January
For the exhibition 6 animations were made: 'Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal'.
They show some designs that are extremely economic in its use of material, such as:
Eat Your Heart Out, Tête à Tête set, Laser Chair and Instant Desk, see more: work 2020