Ineke Hans Salon

Furniture is one of the fundamentals with which we define the spaces that we live and work in and together with tools and clothing it was one of the first design disciplines to emerge. Yet the ways that furniture is designed, made, marketed, sold, used and disposed of are in constant flux and the role of the designer is changing. From early 2016 for one year salons take place in London to discuss 'furniture design and the position of the designer', aiming to identify pointers for their future.

East London studio-salons
Round table conversations with invited professionals from the design scene take place at different locations in East London.
London UK-NL XL-salons
Salon pops up at Clerkenwell Design Week and the London Design Festival with on stage conversations between UK and NL speakers. All are open for an audience.
London Salon exhibitions
Popup exhibitions with UK-NL cooperations during CDW and LDF. Open for an audience, supporting the salon research.

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#XL3 expo: Furniture & the future - explore and actXL-salon #3-2: Furniture & the future, designer's perspectivesXL-salon #3-1: Furniture & the future, community economicsUK-NL XL3 pop up events during BDD/LDFstudio-salon #6: Furniture & the luxury of lessstudio-salon #5: Furniture & social context#XL2 popup installation: Cuckoo Eggs at V&A#XL2 popup expo: Furniture is not working 2.0 at BDD#XL2 popup events: Q&A at V&A lateXL-salon #2-3: Furniture's Future at V&AXL-salon #2-2: Engineers, Inventors & Non-Materialists at V&AXL salon #2-1: Hybrids at Ace Hotel LondonUK-NL XL2 popup salons & events during LDF#XL1 popup expo: Future Work ScenesXL-salon #1-3: Furniture is not workingXL-salon #1-2: The domestification of the workspaceXL-salon #1-1: New approaches for work environmentsUK-NL XL1 popup salons & expo during CDWstudio-salon #4: Furniture & spacestudio-salon #3: Furniture & economicsstudio-salon #2: Furniture & shifting means of productionstudio-salon #1: Furniture & us