Ineke Hans Salon

Furniture & rethinking means of production

studio-salon #2: Furniture & shifting means of production

Rapid technological change, economic and societal forces are radically challenging traditional process of making, manufacturing and using. Disruptive platforms such as digital fabrication enable pre-production customisation as well post-production personalisation. Open source technology and open design are also creating opportunities for new models of production, distribution and use. The constraints of craft, batch and industrial fabrication are overlapping and changing the nature and future of furniture.

This 2nd Studio Salon looks into how this will impact on furniture designers, manufacturers and users?

Start-up speakers:
Joni Steiner co-founded Opendesk with an open making approach to design furniture Opendesk swiftly became expert in local fabrication. Joni will reflect on Opendesk's philosophy, set up and challenges.
Kim Colin  is a founding partner of Industrial Facility, a renowned practice working on industrial projects world wide. Kim will talk about their involvement with TOG (ALLCREATORSTOGETHER) and explain about the ideas and backgrounds of TOG.
Mark Smith a director at Isokon Plus is a specialist in furniture design and production using both traditional craftsmanship and the tools of modern manufacture. The Isokon brand was set up in the 1930s based on early modernist visions. Mark will talk about their ongoing commitment to produce hand-made furniture in the UK (East London).

Moderator: Daniel Charny

Find a report on the evening here