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UK-NL XL3 pop up events during BDD/LDF

Furniture & the future

The London Salon projects show an interesting case study of issues and topics that define the status quo of furniture design, design in general and the position of the designer in 2016-17. They also contain interesting facts for the future.
During LDF 2017 the London Salon Projects of 2016-2017 will be wrapped up with insights, conclusions, recommendations and alternative perspectives in design.

From 16-24 September 2017 Last London Salon events will popup in Brompton Design District with conversations, a presentation and a publication.

• Talks - will inspire with discussions on the future of furniture and design. Speakers are invited who explore alternative routes for design and designers that specifically look into this and actively design from different perspectives. 

An exhibition - with visionary objects, projects and strategies illustrate a number of motto's that aim to inspire in future directions for furniture design. With contributions from a.o. various designers and writers that participated in the salons: Nina Tolstrup, Industrial Facility, Frank Kolkman, Max Lamb, Opendesk, Pearsonlloyd, Piet Hein Eek, Martino Gamper, Marjan van Aubel, Benjamin Hubert, Michael Marriott, Anne van der Zwaag, John Thackara, Ineke Hans, Richard Vijgen, James Shaw, Isokon and Micaella Pedros. Exhibition design by Paula Arntzen.

A pamphlet - made in cooperation with Johanna Agerman Ross, curator 20th century and contemporary design at the V&A and designed by acclaimed Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom - gives insights in the past 12 salons and aims to point out at explorations and actions for furniture design and designers to drive forward in the future.

  • Can we make furniture design more meaningfull and what can be the parameters to make that work?

  • ​Can we recommend and describe conditions to governmental organisations, boards, education or producers?

But above all: how can designers, manufacturers, producers, writers, curators, marketeers etc. in the designfield become active take position and act instead of talking in salons?

Find more info on the pamphlet here


Thursday 21 Sept. 2:30-3:45 pm: Models for Social Design - Community Economics
Social entrepreneurs from Newfoundland, Bosnia and The Netherlands share their experiences in using the design process to bring about economic and social change. Read more
- Zita Cobb (founder of Shorefast Foundation and CEO Fogo Island Inn)
- Orhan Niksic (CEO and brand co-founder Zanat)
- Petra Janssen (designer studio Boot and co-founder of
Moderator: Daniel Charny (director from now on Professor of Design, Kingston University)
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Friday 22 Sept. 4:30-5:30 pm: Models for Social Design - Designer's Perspectives 
This talk will focus on the perspectives of designers who look into alternative design approaches, who work on projects that explore different models for design and cooperate on social projects. Read more
- Ilse Crawford (founder of Studio Ilse, designer for Zanat, St. Cuthberts Community)
- Ineke Hans (founder London Salons, designer for People of the Sun and Fogo Island Inn,)
Moderator: Johanna Agerman Ross (curator contemporary and 20th century design V&A, editor, writer and founder of disegno magazine)
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• The final exhibition and pamphlet will be presented at 4 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JN from 16-24 September, see
• The Last London Salon exhibition will be accompanied by popup presentations of Fogo Island Inn, Canada and People of the Sun from Malawi, see
• The talks - in cooperation with Brompton Design District - will take place at The Hour Glass on Brompton Road, see