Ineke Hans Salon

26 mei

XL-salon #1-3: Furniture is not working

Speakers: Joni Steiner (director Opendesk) & Ineke Hans, moderator: Gareth Williams 

New furniture is annually launched but where does it all go? Are we providing furniture for catalogues? What are the demands for furniture typologies and furniture production today and how can open source developments play a role in this? London-based Opendesk storm the world with open source furniture: available globally, locally produced. Dutch Designer Ineke Hans and Opendesk did a project with four emerging Dutch and UK designers called 'furniture is not working'. Ineke Hans and Joni Steiner of Opendesk will talk to Gareth Williams about that and pointers for the future of furniture design.

Date: 26 May
Venue: Goldsmiths' Centre, 42 Britton Street Clerkenwell, London
Doors open for breakfasts and coffees: 9.00 am
Salon conversations: 9:30-10:30 am



On CDW UK-NL salons:
Work and the workplace has changed a lot in the past 30 years. The traditional swivel chair and filing cabinet have long gone, the filing cabinets are in our computers and the workspace has grown more domestic. Offices are open and have become islands for logging in and out. We increasingly work from trains, cafes, lounges, lobbies and our homes.
What impact does that have on furniture, furniture production, typologies and needs? How do designers and how does the design industry deal with this? Are the traditional contract and domestic companies equipped to deal with these changes or do we need a different approach?

In the past years the Dutch and the British both developed new concepts for work environments. UK designers often seem to work with leading contract companies on new office programs for future offices. Traditionally the Dutch approach seems to be more self initiated, conceptual and experimental. But are these observations right? Are there differences and similarities in thoughts and goals. Are we all asking and looking at the same questions and can we solve some? These are some of the issues to be touched in the upcoming CDW conversations on 'furniture and work environments'.

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