Ineke Hans Salon

17-25 sept - Cuckoo Eggs in V&A17-25 sept Cuckoo Eggsrecycled and paperCuckoo Eggs in Furniture Galleries V&A

#XL2 popup installation: Cuckoo Eggs at V&A

Interventions in the V&A Furniture Galleries by Ineke Hans. As a temporary curator notes and remarks will be made to the galleries' permanent display, rethinking and updating the V&A's furniture collection for 2017 and beyond.

Furniture is close to us. Literally. We always needed it and will need it in the future. But furniture has to deal with a rapid changing reality with changing production, promotion and selling methods, a surplus of furniture in a society where people move to smaller houses and offices and a society on the edge of consuming less. It has to get to terms with the digital, our current social context and new ways of living.

With text and drawn interventions - placed in the Furniture Galleries as Cuckoo eggs, to be found as Easter eggs - Ineke rethinks and updates the V&A's furniture collection for 2017 and beyond. For the V&A she made this exhibition in the Furniture Galleries that taps into social changes in our society, the historie and future of furniture design and its production.

what: Cuckoo Eggs: interventions in the V&A, see more
where: V&A Museum London, Rooms 133-135, Furniture, The Dr. Susan Webber Gallery, Level 3
when: 17-25 Sept.  Mon - Sun 10am - 5.45pm, Friday 10am - 10pm

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