Ineke Hans Salon

Furniture & social context

studio-salon #5: Furniture & social context

(design and the changing position of the designer)
Our social context is constantly changing. We live & behave different than 50 years ago. Than we dined with the family at the table, nowadays family members pop-up at home when it suits them and might end up eating individually in front of their laptop. From cooperatative, rural communities we slowly changed to urban orientated individualised personalities. The youngest generation however seems more co-operative again and in the sharing mood. We live in a society where cultures are mixed, where we live longer and where we are less formal. We are digitally switched on 24/7 and this all has an effect on product and furniture typologies we need or desire.

Digital and technical progress however also allows us to tackle some global 'big issues' in our society like management of water, energy, food, waste, health and well-being. Designers are increasingly playing a role in processes that aim to deal with these issues both as problemsolvers or as strategists trying to find sustainable solutions on a small and large scale.

For this 5th Studio Salon we look into the effect of a changing social context on design & our product needs and what effects developments in design & technology can have for our society. What tools do designers have to play a role in social issues and what does al this mean for the role of the designer?

Start-up speakers:
Frank Kolkman graduated from RCA Design Interactions in 2015 with DIY Surgery (nominated for digital design of the year 2016) and he is designer of Design for Flies (winner 2016 Dutch Design Awards service & systems).
Anne van der Zwaag dutch arthistorian, designwriter and curator, wrote Looks Good Feels Good Is Good - How Social Design Changes Our World.
Martino Gamper, furniture designer for manufacturers has also been involved in community projects in London a.o. in the East London Arnold Circus project.

Moderator: Anna Bates, dirty furniture magazine

Find a report on the evening here