Ineke Hans Studio

Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Bundle of Joy

Frugal Film: Bundle of Joy for Maggies
2021, animation

Over the years I designed many pieces of Furniture that were extremely economic in its use of material. The sizes of standard sheets of MDF or laminated sheets of plywood defined folding tables or chairs. Or... flowers made from A4 sheets with a minimum off-cuts. These things you do not always see as soon as the design is finished, hence the animation realised for the exhibition Brined Herring, Red Beet in Kunsthal Rotterdam in 2021.

Bundle of Joy, a bundle of flowers made from 3 colourful A4 papersheets designed for Maggies.
Maggie Centres provide free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. All proceeds from the paper projects supported Maggies.
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Animation: Denis Bacal
Music: Felix ter Avest