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Economic Nutrition Labels
2017, popup expo for/with Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Shop joint Ineke Hans' popup presentations in London during Brompton Design District 2017 with a pop up expo of their own. Distinctive representatives of the Shop's Fogo Island Collection were shown including our Long Bench and the Bertha Chair by Donna Wilson.

In Brompton Design District Fogo Island Shop introduced 'Economic Nutrition Labels' bring transparency to the purchasing process.  These labels basically show: 'Where does the money go?' , what is the breakdown of the production costs and who benefits from the sales?

All furniture for the Fogo Island collection is handmade by skilled woodworkers of Fogo Island and embody Shorfast Foundation's holistic model of advancing economic nutrition and cultural resilience for small communities. The Furniture and furnishings carried by the Shop contribute to the Shorefast Foundation's social enterprise business model. Surpluses from both the Fogo Island Shop and its sister organization, Fogo Island Inn, are reinvested in the local community.

The Nutrition Labels give insight in how money is it invested in the local community and how it impacts the broader economy. The furniture from Fogo Island Shop embody dignified, local employment, sustainable environmental practices and fair working conditions both at home on Fogo Island and with suppliers.

Global Design Forum at the V&A Zita Cobb Founder of Shorfast Foundationin conversation with Ineke Hans and Donna Wilson
Last London Salon & BDD: Models for social design community economics (with Zanat & Social Label)

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commision: Fogo Island Shop / Shorefast Foundation
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