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REPORT popup expo #XL1: future work scenes

From 24-26 May 2016 a UK-NL popup exhibition took place in Mosa's Flagship Store in London with a presentations of PROOFFLab and the results of a cooperation of Opendesk and Ineke Hans with four young designers, see

Dutch innovation platform PROOFFLab - exploring PROgressive OFFice furniture - presented PROOFFLab Magazine, a professional online magazine in 2014-2015 that aimed to define the future working culture. Every first day month a visionair was invited to share his or her vision on the new working landscape through an essay in text and images. Based on their writings referential articles and projects were published daily.

London based Opendesk and Ineke Hans present their collaboration with four emerging UK-NL designers: Adam Blencowe, James Shaw, Paula Arntzen and Thor ter Kulve, all based in London. All four were asked to explore the future of work as well as that of  open source design and production and base on that to come up with items that could meet our future furniture needs. The four projects fed and supported the 2016 East London salons on 'the future of furniture design and the changing position of the designer'.

Plywood is square. Trees are round and take 25-50 years to grow. Somehow this does not match. Through contact with a scientist on cellulose James worked on a project to grow plywood sheets in 8 weeks. Production can take place where it is needed and only bags of spores can be send around the world and no longer trees or plywood sheets, see video

DADO FURNITURE (local standard), Adam Blencowe
Everywhere in the world you find wooden rails in DIY shops: decorative elements that all have the same standard in the country of its origin. Small digital libraries of these local standards could be made and programmed plus cut out of opensource furniture components. By sliding in the local rails - with an almost folklore touch - furniture shelves with different functions can be realised, see video

BUNDLE, Thor ter Kulve
What ever the future will bring us... if you are a drone programmer in your backgarden in the south of France or a student moving around in a city like London: the basic element a trestle will always be needed and with sheet material that you can find somewhere in your surrounding you can always make a table. Bundle is a very basic knockdown trestle to be picked up easily, see video

OPEN FOR ALL, Paula Arntzen
The future of work is working anywhere and working together. Open for all is a bench that allows to be moved around and work on together. However its size and design order that you have to open and close it with two persons, so... cooperation IS needed, see video