Ineke Hans Studio

spiderlightsspider lights grouplightdouble light pink 02 double light pinkdouble red lightdouble light red hybride table light

wire lights
2006, selfinitiated

Mayday for Playday was an experimental exhibition at galerie Vivid in Rotterdam. A time out from commissions, a time out from design and the world of design. For exhibition we played around with two types of lights


The lights come about after playing with rope and frames and changing functions, like floor light, uplight, downlight, spotlight and standing light.

A nice thing about the lightshades is that it is allways the same and can be used as uplight, downlight or standing light. A simple rubber device allows you to adjust the height and to point and direct the light into different directions as a spotlight when the shade is hanging.The rope spiderlights were developped further for the exhibition Cheap Chic later that year

Double lights

these lights were really a playing games with the idea of a lightshade and being just some lines. It was an interesting thing to play with but the Double lights did not really move further after this exercise

collection: various private collectors