Ineke Hans Studio

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Clubhouse Trees, schoolyard
2005, Koning Willem II College Tilburg

A highschool with pupils from 12 to 18 year. In love, rebellious, but sitting next to their secret love at the picture of the class. Confused, confident, diligent or lazy. Searching for who they are, curious, discovering their personality, experimenting, emotional, growing up, problems with adoloscence, dreamy, angry, nerd, problem seekers, smokers, health freaks... All discovering like Alice in Wonderland.For this group of young people a 'Wonderland' giving shelter to the variety of different groups can exist was designed.

The Koning Willem II College had a lot of constructionbuiling coming up. This ment that a lot of green and nature had to make space for bricks.It seemed to be heart against hard: the passionated teenagers against the hardness of concrete.
A small serie-produced forest was placed at random at the schoolyard and gave some natural counter balance to concrete and bricks. A forest with sit and standing places for about 80 persons.An open structure, with places that can be part of the different 'sub-clubs' Like a place for the smokers and a place for the nerds. Next to that the place is flexible, open and transparent, so you can make eyes on eachother and the other sub groups, have a look at 'who is who', and also at 'that guy from the other group who could be interesting...'

commission: Willem II College / gemeente Tilburg
photo's: Herman van Ommen
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