Ineke Hans Studio

ticket office sketch entrance sketch entrance hall, theatre bar and seats

2005, theatre interior

Entrance ticket-office, bar, audience seating,
Rozentheater is a theater focussed on a young audience situated in a monumental building on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. Mecanoo Architects was approached to rethink the architecture inside and Ineke Hans designed the cafe, entrance, ticketoffice, the theatrebar and the colorsceme of the theatre and theatrehall.
Each item or area got its own colours and atmosphere to emphasize its own particular use or function.
The ticketbox has the character as if a serious act has just happened there: a small room looks as if just prevented from a serious burn out.

The bar is a superpractical black patchworkbox build up from all kinds of black material strips.
The colour red however moves naturrally with you when you get deeper into the building from sweet-pink at the entrance, burning-red halfway the toilet area to deep-purple almost black into the hall were the theatre is played.
All seats in the theatre hall have shades of red pink and purple giving the empty seats already a vividness as a colourfull audience.

commission: Rozentheatre Amsterdam