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Case da Abitare & Alessi, 2005
Souvenir d'Italie

Case da Abitare has a habit to invite designers for special projects during the Salone in Milan.
In cooperation with Alessi they asked a number of designers to think of souvenirs for Italy. We came with a few proposals.

flower spoons: thermosensitive coffee spoons with Italian flowers on top.
Coffee seems to be an italian matter
While stirring your hot coffee the Italian flowers florish and change colour because of the heat.
sensual italia: icecream bonbons
ice, and sensuality seem to be other Italian matters
again flowers - but now very sensual italian country side flowers – are part appealing icecream bonbons you can make at home. Nice as a desert or to accomplish your coffee.
gelatino: ice for kids
playful waterice containing stingy animals from hot italian summers.
they can aso be dipped in drinks to stir and to be fantastic icecubes.

commission: Case da Abitare/Alessi