Ineke Hans Studio

silver swingswing in housedollshouse swing sketch

Silver Swing for Dollshouse
2008, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The art magazine of the Rijksmuseum Oog, made a special edition on the dollshouse of Petronella Oortman from the 17th century.
In this 17th century, it was a hobby for wealthy ladies to have a luxurious dollhouse, decorated with the most expensive materials. The little accesoiries where often made of silver, but Oortmans house is exceptional because all pieces are exact copies in the right materials used at that time. The house was really a piece to show off.

The house of Petronella Oortman is part of the Rijksmuseumcollection.
Several designers were asked to make a small piece of furniture for one of the rooms of this dollhouse. These 21st century additions contradict with the old 17 century design. Ineke designed a little swing, based on her Black Beauties Collection. The swing is made on scale 1:7 and in silver, as a wink to the realmaterial items of Petronella Oortman.
The pieces were exhibited in the Rijkmuseum and published in Oog.

commission: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam / Oog