Ineke Hans Studio

all sets  mat/shiny embossed striped

Seven Ways to decorate your Jenever Set
2002 decorating project

In industry service sets are designed to survive for a long time. They basically come in a plain form that can be adjusted to the signs of the times for many years.. Cups and plates are decorated with transfer prints that evoke the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on.
At the European Ceramics Work Centre Ineke Hans explored whether it was possible to decorate plates of this kind in different ways other than ‘just sticking a transfer on’, and if it would be possible to make three-dimensional decorations. The idea was that decorating should not take more time or money than the transfer method itself.
She worked on the different stages of the production process:
decorating just after casting,
decorating before firing
and decorating after firing.
The project shows different decorations on jenever (gin) porcelain drinking sets: by scratching in the mould, drawing with a glaze pencil, sandblasting, effect glazing, playing with old Dutch decorating methods like Staphorster stipwerk, spraying clay, etc:


embossed, platina pimped, no-no, blurred, striped, powershot, pencilled


collection: European Ceramics Work Centre


decoration embossed in wet clay


glazing applied with bold brush

production: Ineke Hans at EKWC