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MoBA Centraal, HeadquartersRouting & FlagsFetish totem & around the cityfirst encounter with MoBA at station (AtA)view on MoBA Lounge Central StationMoBA Lounge offers info (AtA)info boot at MoBA Lounge (AtA)another view on MoBA Lounge (AtA)flagbenches start from station (AtA)flagbenches guide you to locationsand lead you to MoBA Centraal (GS)MoBA Centraal is Headquarters (AtA)MoBA Centraal square and entrance-carpetFetish Totem (GS)Totem and peopleflagbenches guide you furtherEuseubius church and cluster of flagsflags on the marketroad banners guide too / location Marienburg Zijpendaal Castle with flagsbenches (GS)streamers in town at participating shopsstreamers all over the cityand loads of plain flags around town

Routing and citydressing Fashion Biënnale Arnhem
2013, MoBA13

MoBA13, dedicated to 'Fetishism in Fashion', with curator Lidewij Edelkoort, asked to take care of all 3d design & identity of Fashion Biennale Arnhem.
We worked out three coherent plans on:
a. Furniture for fashion, exhibition and displaydesign
b. info- leisure- and shopdesign
c. 3d routing and citydressing

3d Routing and city:

For visibility in town a flagroute was worked out, guiding visitors from Central Station to the citycenter locations.

Commission: MoBA 13
Production: studio/INEKEHANS
Graphics routing: AB/C (Anthon Beeke Collectief)
Curator MoBA13, Fetishism in Fashion: Lidewij Edelkoort, see film
Photo's: GS = Gerrit Schreurs, AtA = Alphons ter Avest

More MoBA13 3d design and identity:
exhibition and displaydesign
info-, leisure- and shopdesign