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Personal Shopper: Home is where the Heart is
2008, exhibition Messe Frankfurt

When working on new designs Ineke finds it important that there is an added value when these designs have to find a way in the world full of products that we live in nowadays.
The products should even be more clever, practical, functional, or poetic than the products we have allready.
You would think that her criteria to actually BUY something would also be this added value. However - to her own interest - she also falls for items that don’t fit into her professional opinion at all....

When asked to make a Personal Shopper presentation for Messe Frankfurt, Ineke Hans was a personal shopper to herself: a designer with professional, rational and clear principles, but - as stated herself: also a shopper-as-anyone with very human passionate impulses when obtaining things. 'Both sides count when I buy products. Seemingly a contradiction to my principles, however you can’t - and you shouldn’t - always try to explain things, and you have to accept that: Das Herz hat seine Gründe, die der Verstand nicht kennt (the Heart has its Reasons that the mind doesn’t know).'

A mix of well considered products and impulses showed how she follows her heart. 'In the end we have things around us that are somehow close to us: No one lives in a one-style house as sometimes presented in the design magazines.' Everyone makes his own space combining impulse acquisitions with well-considered products.
'Both sides are driven by personal background, experience and memories. At the same time my impulses can give some insight in who I am as a designer'
Ineke Hans’ personal shopper centred around the heart: ‘Home is where the Heart is’.
It was on show during the Tendence fair of Messe Frankfurt

commision: Messe Frankfurt
production: INEKEHANS/ARNHEM & Messe Frankfurt
see also: designws