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cor unum platecor unum platecelebrate plate

Never forget to celebrate,
2023,  jubilee plate for Cor Unum

Cor Unum - one at heart - 70 years!
This plate is a wink to the Dutch plates and tiles with proverbs and 'wisdom'. It points out that you should use any opportunity to celebrate with friends that are close to your heart, be before it’s too late.

Cor Unum is a special Dutch company with a 70 years history of social and cultural responsibility towards ceramic crafts. To celebrate this milestone Ineke was invited to design a plate and participate in Cor Unums Legends & Legacy collection: 70 plates created by a.o. Nathalie du Pasquier, Benno Premsela, Claudy Jongstra, Ben van Berkel, Simone Post, Atelier NL. read more and see all plates