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MIND-SETS, exhibition
2010, MMKA (Museum Arnhem)

Design is of all times. Inventing and dealing with objects of use has been around before the word 'design' was even invented.
MIND-SETS shows thoughts on design 'illustrated' by Ineke's work, personal items and products from three museums in Arnhem, like rural furniture and a chair by Rietveld he designed for a holiday house from the awardwinning Dutch Openairmuseum.
Combining thoughts and objects together in a kind of still-life settings - the so called: MIND-SETS – offers an opportunity to show not only what her design, but also how a way of looking and thinking.

Since it seemed contradictive to place objects of use in a museum where it is immediately forbidden to touch and use it, the exhibition sneakily enters the museumcafe and -garden where her work becomes like cuckoo eggs that have moved away from the pedestals.
Ordinairy furniture can be used here and the adjusted menu offers soups and salads served from her bowls for RoyalVKB.
The exhibition is accompanied by the publication MIND-SETS that made with Walter Bettens, DAMn Magazine.

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