Ineke Hans Studio

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Room 402
2009, Lloyd Hotel

Two-third of the space has more or less become a big bathroom.
The whole room is in shades of grey and beige, including a 'cuckoo-cupboard' for the television and a double bed in grey recycled plastic, the FLY chair for ARCO, the Forest for the Trees coatstand in white.
For this room the snowplough car got a rubber strip in its plough and a broom stick and has become shower cleaner car.
Room 402 in Lloyd-hotel Amsterdam, is a permanent design in cooperation with dutch tile company MOSA initially designed for 'Inside Design the annual Elle Decoration event.

commission: Lloyd Hotel / InsideDesign
production: INEKEHANS/ARNHEM & Mosa
photo's 1-5: Remmert Bolderman