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Catalogue Geel als citroen (film: EM)

Geel als citroen, rood als tomaat - catalogue
2020, Museum Valkhof Nijmegen

The catalogue Geel als citroen, rood als tomaat accompanies the eponymous exhibition by Ineke Hans and artist Erik Mattijssen made in Museum Valkhof.

The catalogue of Yellow as lemon, red as tomato is the result of a unique collaboration between Ineke Hans and Erik Mattijssen. Read how they explore each other's work, their love for objects and stuff, and their work in the letters they sent to each other prior to the exhibition.
Learn about the stories behind the scenes and objects in the exhibition.
With words from Hans Piena (curator of Works at the Dutch Open Air Museum) about object sensitivity, collecting things, the influences of ancestors and travel.
A beautiful book and inventive book, designed by Esther de Vries.

graphic design: Esther de Vries
preface: Hans Piena curator 'wooncultuur; Netherlands Open Air Museum
letters: Ineke Hans & Erik Mattijssen
photo's shop: Flip
drawings: Sanne van Engen, Ineke Hans & Erik Mattijssen
publisher: Museum Valkhof Nijmegen