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Gas in glass - glassinstallation
2009, Fraeylemaborg Slochteren

In 2009 it was 50 years ago that the Dutch gasfield has been discovered in Slochteren, a small village in the north of The Netherlands. To celebrate this, Slochteren’s historic Fraeylemaborg estate became a fitting setting for this exhibition ‘Gas in Glass’
Ineke Hans made an installation on a small hill which consists of 280 balls of glass, refering to the depth of the gas field: 2800 meters. The glass balls are made of transparent blue glass. 50 balls are bigger and white, reminding of the 50th anniversary. When climbing up the hill the installation is a wonderfull experience. The amount of glass balls is increasing towards the top. On top of the hill the amount is so overwhelming as if you are in a festive surrounding of soapbubbles.

commission: Fraeylemaborg / Gasunie