Ineke Hans Studio

sofa front sofa side sofa detail patchwork green benchblue benchblue bench sidelove seat front love seat side

Frozen Johannes and Love Seat,
2003 and 2005 upholstered sofa and 1,5 seater sofa, INEKEHANS|collection

Frozen Fountain Amsterdam asked Ineke to design a sofa.
The different legs and stitching accentuate the sittingareas in the sofa.
Frozen Johannes can be very plain with matching or contrasting stitching. However the way it is taylored it also offers opportunity to have it like a patch-work sofa visualizing the amounts of sitting space.
Loveseat was later added as a model.

commission: Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam
photo's 1-3, 6,7: Ron Steemers