Ineke Hans Studio

hay fever, lighteffect hay fever saturdaynight fever fever fit jungle fever witje has a fever cold fever

Fever Lights
1999, shades with lighteffects

In 1999 Royal Leerdam invited Ineke to think about glassproducts for reproduction. One project was Fever Lights, a collection of crystal glass lightshades. All shades could be blown in the same mould. A different glassblowing, decoration or finishing technique was used on each shade all reflecting different light effects on the wall when the light would be switched on.
Allthough interested Royal Leerdam did not start production of any of the lights. Ineke Hans herself started up production of Hay Fever light after a few years.

hay fever
clear flowers on a sandblasted lightshade cause flowers on the wall when the light is switched on.
saturday night fever
using ashes on the glass while blowing it, the glass gets airbublles resulting in a ‘discolight’ effect of the lightshade
fever fit
big airbubbles in the blue glass, causing blue light with blue spots
witje has a fever
white and blue dots in the clear glass, make colourful spots when the light is on
jungle fever
white stripes in the blue glass, give white lines in blue light on the walls
cold fever
lenses are cut in a double layered shade, causing magnifying-glass effects on the wall

collection: National Glass Museum, Leerdam (NL)
production: Royal Leerdam Crystal (NL)