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for dutch sake out for dutch sake black diamont

Dutch Souvenirs
2003, for EKWC

The European Ceramic Work Centre invited a number of artists and designers to rethink 'dutch souvenir' and come up with a ceramic proposal.

Black Diamont

The Tulipvase is almost a synonym for ‘Holland"
A tulipvase seems to be an ideal souvenir.During a working period at the European Ceramics Works Centre a tulipvase was part of Ineke’s modular project
Black…. And by being black becoming an almost 3D graphical depiction.Black porcelain, at first glance simple, but technically complicated and perhaps also mysterious as the ancient quest for the Black Tulip.

For Dutch Sake

Porcelain jenever bottle with two cups to drink from stored in the bottleneck
A ribbon coming from the cork folds over the cups and is sealed with wax onto the bottleThis seal is made on the two indentations on the bottle which function as a grip when pouring out.

The Jenever set is a Friesland souvenir. The decorations sandblasted on the bottle goes back to old ‘Fries kerfsnee- aardewerk’ This was a decoration technique used from 17th till beginning of 20th century where man cut decorations in clay watching the kilns during the night when there were no computers yet to controle firing processes.The Jenever inside is also ‘Fries’: Weduwe Joustra

both souvenirs
collection: EKWC