Ineke Hans Studio

leaf light 02 leaf light 01 light sketch light idea dazzling dahlia dahlia sketch dahlia idea pixelated peacock peacock sketch peacock idea

Three Chandeliers
2006, Swarovski

for their Crystal Palace collection we designed three different chandeliers. all started from a totally different point of view or technique:
Pixalated Peacock
a pixaleted picture of a classic Peacock was translated into a pattern of Crystal Beads. The pattern was repeated in a round glittery lightshade of 150cm high that could get any diameter
Leaf Light was a shade for which tiny crystal granules were fixed onto a transparent silk fabric with leaves in different colours green printed onto it. The granules radiate the colour of the printing. When placed in a spiral lightshade the different leaves give a effect of sunlight shining though the trees in a forest.
Dazzling Dahlia
used the fact that Swarovski could translate a picture into crystals.
when you see Dazzling Dahlia's from the outside it looks like huge neutral white shad, but when you are with you head inside the shade you are amazed by the colourfull images of colourfull dahliafields.the edition of these lights were all limited.

commission: Swarovski Crystal Palace
production: Swarovski
information: Swarovski 2006