Milan 2016

We are proud to present rugs in Milan, produced to order and 'in stock'


As a child I cut small paper carpets and loved the enchanted patterns that would come up when unfolding the paper. Snip is based on that. 
The snipped patterns always suffered from imperfect mirroring because of the thickness and the folding of the paper as translated in this rug. The pattern also links to the geometric Persian carpets stored as archetypes in the back of our minds. 

is designed for the Nodus 
high design rugs and produced 
to order in six colour variations. 


Intrigued how complex weaving can
be when having a close look at it CHECK was designed. At first glimpse a carpet as a scottish tartan but in tonal colours, so it appears as one blend and can survive easier in a space than with too many varie-gated colours. Next to it the lines of the grid intertwine as in the complex woven carpets and start dangling before your eyes when you attempt to follow a thread from beginning to end or try to get a grip on the pattern.

is the first design to go into the new Nodus 'in stock' collection.
​It has four colour variations.

Chiostri di San Simpliciano, Brera
Via dei Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro 3
MM2 Lanza

Press contact & info 
Viale Coni Zugna 7, IT–20144 Milano
+39 02 7602 1515

Other Milan issues

During the Milan design week Ineke will be involved in a number of talks and expert meetings that have limited access. Get in touch with the studio for more information: